Comics adaptation of “Birches” by Robert Frost

Here is my comics adaptation of a section of the poem “Birches” by Robert Frost (written in 1913-14). This comic was commissioned by and originally appeared in the American magazine Plough Quarterly:

Click here to read the complete poem: Birches1Birches2 Continue reading

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Comics adaptation of Siegfried Sassoon’s “Before the Battle” in Plough Quarterly!

The new issue of Plough Quarterly, featuring my adaptation of Siegfried Sassoon’s poem “Before the Battle” (1916), is now out in print and online. You can read the comic here:

To view all of the contents of this latest issue of Plough Quarterly:

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Audio Interview with John Swinimer of True North Country Comics

cropped-cropped-truenorth_logo11The interview I gave to John Swinimer about my ongoing graphic novel project about the Battle of the Plains of Abraham is now up on the True North Country Comics website:

Interview with Julian Peters about his literary graphic work

My main personal take-away from listening to this now and hearing myself from a third person perspective is 1) I sure do say “uh” a lot and 2) Man! I really do have a pretty pronounced Montreal Anglo accent.

A big thank you to True North Country Comics for taking an interest in my work and for promoting Canadian comics across the nation and beyond!

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Complete “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” comic available for order!

I have finally gotten around to publishing a high-quality, glossy printed edition of my comics adaptation of “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T. S. Eliot (see post below). These comics are now available for order for $15 (Canadian) plus shipping costs ($5 within Canada, $12 for US and International).

Also available for order at the same price are the sample sections of my graphic novel about the British conquest of Canada, described in the post below.

To place an order, please contact me at

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Julian Peters Comics at TCAF 2018!

This weekend, for the first time, I will have a booth at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, which takes place Saturday and Sunday, May 12-13, at the Toronto Reference Library and other satellite venues downtown: I will be peddling my wares at table 256 in the Bram & Bluma Appel Salon on the second floor of the Reference Library. In addition to launching my first full printed edition of “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot” A Comics Adaptation,” I will also be selling a 22-page full-colour sample section of my ongoing graphic novel project, “Each in His Narrow Cell.” While the cover wording, it occurs to me now, may give the impression that this is some megalomaniacal fantasy about Julian Peters conquering Canada, it is actually a  dramatic retelling of the British conquest of the French colony of Canada in 1759, which happens to have been written and illustrated by Julian Peters.



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Giovanni Drogo first lays eyes on the Bastiani Fortress -From Dino Buzzati’s Tartar Steppe

[My second, not necessarily more successful attempt at illustrating a scene from Dino Buzzati’s 1940 novel the Tartar Steppe (Il deserto dei tartari in the original Italian). Giovanni Drogo, a young army officer is on his way to the Bastiani Fortress, the frontier outpost to which he has been appointed. Unbeknownst to him, Drogo’s entire life is to be spent in this remote mountain fortress, waiting for an opportunity for military glory that could give meaning to his existence. The Tartar Steppe is probably my favourite novel, so it’s difficult for me to feel I’m doing any justice to the writing when illustrating it. But it’s so inspiring, so of course I will continue to do so.]

There they go, Giovanni Drogo and his horse, see how small they look against the sides of the mountains, which are growing ever taller and wilder. He keeps on climbing, wanting to reach the Fortress before the close of day. But rising up faster than he can –from far below, where the torrent is roaring– are the shadows. At one point they are at the same level as Drogo, directly across from him on the other side of the gorge. They seem for a moment to have slowed their pace, so as not to discourage the rider, then slide up over the cliffs and boulders, overtaking him.

When the whole valley had already been submerged in a violet darkness, and only the bare grassy peaks at the most incredible heights were still lit by the sun, Drogo suddenly came upon an ancient and abandoned-looking military building, looming darkly and immensely against the clear evening sky. Giovanni could feel his heart beating in his chest, for that was surely the Fortress, yet everything in sight, from the walls to the landscape, carried an inhospitable and sinister air.

He rode all around the structure without locating the entrance. Though it was already dark, there were no lit windows, nor were there any sentry lights visible atop the battlements. Nothing but a bat, fluttering against a white cloud. At last Drogo tried calling out: “Hallo!” he shouted, “Is anyone there?” Continue reading

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My comics adaptation of Robert Frost’s “Birches” in Plough Quarterly!

A couple of months ago, the American magazine Plough Quarterly commissioned me to create a visual interpretation of an extract from Robert Frost’s 1916 poem “Birches.” The comic is now up on their website: and will appear in their next print issue.

Click here for more information about Plough Quarterly:

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