Sweet Child O’ Mine – A Graphic Novella

Here are the first 16 pages of my unfinished graphic novella, Sweet Child O’ Mine. (click on images to enlarge)
(click on images to enlarge)scomintro

12 Responses to Sweet Child O’ Mine – A Graphic Novella

  1. estephania6 says:

    Amazing! Stunning work.It’s obviously a lot to do …Bravo 🎊🎆


  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing! Stunning work.It’s obviously a lot to do …Bravo 🎊🎆


  3. anonymous says:

    The wallpaper on page 12…with the dinosaurs….I’m dying. I need this in my house.


    • Thanks! I’m glad someone noticed it. The wallpaper is meant to represent the garden of Eden, with the the lion laying down with the lamb, the killer whale with the dolphin, and of course the tyrannosaurus with the triceratops… There are so many hidden details and intended meanings in all the pages of this comic. I can’t believe how much patience I once had for drawing these things, and how much misplaced confidence that people would take the time to notice them!


  4. tonyoseland says:

    You simply must finish this when you find the time. Excellent, most excellent.


  5. Anonymous says:

    This is great! Love the detail and the baroque! And of course, I want to see more…


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  7. nirvana says:

    how can I enlarge this? I want to read!!
    But the font just won’t cut it


  8. Yes, I also like this. Very operatic. And we all know that Baroque opera and Venetian art are a marriage made in heaven.


    • Thanks. I’m moving back a little in this direction for my next project, in that it’s an original story. The few publishers I heard back from when I submitted this comic suggested that it might be a little too baroque for the current graphic-novel-heavy comics market, which favours sparse drawing styles and single sentences of dialogue spread out over dozen of panels. So I guess I’ll be aiming towards some kind of happy medium.


  9. Line O says:

    I love the detail in these drawings, together with the style, the story and the overall composition! Beautiful work!


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