Creative Workshop and Panel Discussion at the FBDM!

The 6th edition of the Festival BD de Montréal Comics Arts Festival begins today and continues through to Sunday. I will be present with a booth on Saturday only, 10:00-17:30 at which time I’ll be selling some zines and prints from my poetry comics, as well as displaying some art work from my ongoing graphic novel about the Battle of The Plains of Abraham. Also, between 11:00-11:45 I’ll be leading a workshop on adapting poetry or song lyrics into comics, and between 13:00-13:45 I’ll be taking part in a round table discussion on the theme of “Telling a story” alongside Nina Bunjevac and Joe Ollman, animated by the Gazette’s Ian McGillis. The festival takes place in the idyllic outdoor setting of La Fontaine Park. Workshop, panel discussion and all events are free and open to all. Hope to see you there! Click here for more info about the festival and the complete programming:

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Noah’s Ark

I created this watercolour painting as a recent baptism gift for my godson. Since my godson is genetically predisposed to becoming a wide-ranging and unconventional thinker, I decided that my depiction of Noah’s ark would eschew the usual elephants, lions, and zebras in favour of some of our less well-known fellow earthlings. Depicted aboard and around the vessel are: black-billed spoonbills, flying squirrels, gerenuks, capybaras, wooly bear caterpillars, mushushus, pig-nosed frogs, cassowaries, jerboas,  pink fairy armadillos, long-eared bats, okapis, budgerigars, tamanduas, tarsiers, Highland cattle, pangolins, echidnas, Malayan tapirs, African wild dogs, star-nosed moles, saigas, proboscis monkeys, flying fish, elephant seals, sawfish, narwhals, and a human.

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Assurart Drawings -Papier 2017

Here are the twelve drawings that I created to decorate Assurart‘s booth at the most recent edition of Papier (Montreal), Quebec’s largest contemporary art fair. Assurart is an insurance company specializing in art insurance, and my drawings were intended to humourously illustrate the benefits of getting one’s art objects insured. Although the twelve panels were displayed in a long row wrapping around the booth, they were originally drawn on two comics pages of six panels each, as shown here. The storyline is the creation of Colette Mendenhall and Mireille Poirier.

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Listen to my French-language interview on “Les Oreilles d’Anne”

I recently participated in an episode of “Les Oreilles d’Anne,” a radio show normally broadcast out of Nantes, France. Its two hosts, Florent Bouchardeau and Lisa Focken, were in Montreal at the tail end of a trip across Eastern Canada, in which they had specifically set out to find out about the country’s Acadian musical traditions and contemporary scene. Beginning at 16:32 you can hear my interview with Florent and Lisa on the subject of my ongoing project to create a graphic novel about the Battle of the Plains of Abraham.

When you’re not used to hearing your voice recorded, it’s common to think, “do I really sound like that?” In this case, however, I also find myself thinking “Bon sang! Is my French really that bad?”

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The Bombardment of Quebec – Colourized

Here are two pages from “Each in His Narrow Cell,” my ongoing graphic novel project recounting the siege of Quebec and the Battle of The Plains of Abraham in 1759. All the characters from a particular nation are depicted in a combination of a neutral grey tone and one characteristic colour -blue for the French, red for the English, purple for the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), and so on.

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My drawings at the Papier 2017 Contemporary Art Fair

Montreal’s Papier is an art fair dedicated exclusively to the paper medium, one of the largest of its kind in North America and the largest contemporary art fair in Quebec. This year I will be among the up-and-coming and most definitely bankable contemporary artists to have their work up on display. Sort of. Assurart, an insurance company specializing in art insurance, commissioned me to create twelve drawings that will decorate their booth at the fair. The drawings are intended to humourously illustrate the benefits of getting one’s art insured. But are they art? You decide.

Papier runs from April 21 to April 23 at l’Arsenal (2020 William Street)

Hope to see you there!

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“East Coker” by T. S. Eliot

My visual adaptation of the last stanza of T. S. Eliot’s “East Coker,” the second poem of his Four Quartets. It was originally published in 1940. Eliot’s remains are interred in the parish church of St. Michael’s in East Coker, a village in Somerset, England. The poet’s memorial plaque inside the church reads, “in my beginning is my end – in my end is my beginning.”

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