The Bombardment of Quebec

First draft of a brief extract from from my ongoing graphic novel project recounting the siege of Quebec City and the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759.scan0001scan0002

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Le Poète Public honours me with a poem!


A couple of days ago, one of my Italian students brought me a poem about me by Robert Séguin, Montreal’s very own public poet. Le Poète Public has set up his made-to-order poetry booth on Prince-Arthur Street, just next to Carré St-Louis, where he will compose poems on whatever subject one desires, typing them up on an old-fashioned typewriter. After telling him about my practice of adapting classic poetry into comics, my student came back to the booth fifteen minutes later and voilà, the public poet had produced this very clever bit of word-play.

I google searched the Poète Public and found this image courtesy of Overblog:


As well as choosing what is quite possibly Montreal’s most picturesque street corner to set up shop, Robert Séguin is clearly the coolest-looking Montrealer since Émile Nelligan (who lived just a few doors down from this very spot, as it happens).


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Experimentation with white on black drawing

sansalvadorIn an effort to imitate the great early twentieth-century wood engravings by such artists as Lynd Ward, but without having to figure out how to do actual wood engravings, I thought I would try my hand at drawing on black “scratch board” paper. I went out to buy some at the art supply store today, and I was so excited that I spent the remaining half hour of my break from work sitting on a park bench drawing this weird seascape off the top of my head. I was going for something à la Claude Lorrain, but it ended up looking more like the kind of chintzy fantasy art one sometimes sees being created by street performers. Still, it’s a really interesting and fun medium, and I look forward to experimenting with it further!

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Sneak Peek at Battle of The Plains of Abraham Graphic Novel (Sample Section)

scan0004 - CopyI am currently at work on a graphic novel recounting the siege of Quebec and the Battle of The Plains of Abraham in 1759. In revisiting this pivotal moment in Canadian history, my intention is not simply to present a didactic history lesson in visual form, but rather to create an emotionally engaging, character-driven narrative centered on the personal motivations and inner conflicts of the French, English and Indigenous participants. After about a year and a half spent doing background research and writing the script, I have finally begun putting pencil to paper. Below are the pencil versions of the first seven pages of the first sample section I am working on. In an effort to save time and achieve a greater sense of visual spontaneity, these pages were worked out directly on the final paper without any preliminary drawings. Later I will go back and ink and watercolour them.

In this section, the French commander at the siege of Quebec, General Louis-Joseph de Montcalm, finally returns to his beloved chateau of Candiac, in Provence. To fully understand this scene, it is necessary to know that just before the beginning of the siege, Montcalm received the tragic news that one of his four daughters had died. Although Montcalm was not able to find out which one, he assumed it was his youngest, Mirète, who had long been sickly.


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Graphic Poetry: My article on Dino Buzzati’s “Poema a fumetti” in Image [&] Narrative












My article on Dino Buzzati’s proto graphic novel  Poema a fumetti (1969) appears today in the new special issue of Image [&] Narrative, a peer-reviewed e-journal on visual narratology and word and image studies. The article is divided into two parts. The first section employs a close analysis of the content and structure of Poema a fumetti to argue that Buzzati saw the mechanics of comics as a means of creating a new form of poetry, in a manner that parallels a new interest in comics among certain avant-garde poets during the same period. The second section examines the connection between Poema a fumetti and the fumetti neri, a popular 1960s genre of Italian crime and horror comics, and makes the case that the marginalized cultural position of the latter and their interlinked themes of eroticism and mortality were key factors in Buzzati’s attraction to the comics form.          You can read the article here (if you’re interested):

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“Graphic Note Taking” at the Ottawa Art Gallery

images for new building 3. (1)
Tomorrow evening, July 14, I will be taking part at an event at the Ottawa Art Gallery in downtown Ottawa. How Deep Is Your Rhizome? is a multimedia exploration of such wide-ranging but curiously interconnected issues as old-growth forests, gift economies, and the Internet, inspired by Gail Bourgeois’s Correspondence: from roots to rhizomes to mycelial networks, an exhibition currently on display at the gallery. My role will be to attempt an experiment in “graphic note taking,” in which I will record the goings-on of the evening in the form of live sketches of the event and its participants. The event is free and will take place between 7 and 9pm. I am very honoured to be taking part and excited to see how this little experiment turns out!

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“Partners in Rhyme”: Oscar Wilde’s “Impression du Matin” in Atelier Magazine

impressiondumatin2correctedThe latest issue of Atelier, Italy’s foremost contemporary poetry magazine, is now out, and I’m honoured to be featured in it with a comics adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s short poem “Impression du Matin” (1881). The comic is accompanied by an Italian translation by my brilliant “Partner in Rhyme” Francesca Benocci, a  PhD student in Translation Studies at Victoria University of Wellington (NZ). Also included is a short essay by Francesca in which she explains the thought process behind her translation, which is conceived in such a way as to fit perfectly with my comics interpretation, both in the images I have selected an in the way in which I have placed the text in relation to them. I’m happy to say that more such collaborations between me and Francesca are in the works, and should appear in subsequent issues of Atelier. For more information about Atelier and how to obtain copies of this latest issue and their back catalogue, click here:


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