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And Then Their Eyes Met

In honour of the Hallowe’en festivities, here are the two pages of sheer pagan depravity that were originally published in the Spring 2012 issue of Code-barres magazine.

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On The Palace Steps (Aux marches du palais)

Here is my translation of a famous French folksong/lullaby from the seventeenth century, followed by the original French version (note that in the song each line is repeated twice). The best part of the original lyrics is the surprising last … Continue reading

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Contemporary and Classic Poetry versus Contemporary and Classic Art

I came across this beautiful and moving English Renaissance morality play, entitled “Francesca’s Folly”, which happens to have been written only a couple of years ago, in Canada, by Tara Kathleen Murphy: This led me to reflect on the … Continue reading

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Oh dinosaurs, where are they now the days – A Poem

Oh dinosaurs, where are they now the days When we lingered together on the terrace of the morning? I was too young then, alas, to hear your warning That all that on this Earth draws breath is lost in the … Continue reading

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Soir d’hiver by Émile Nelligan

Possibly the most famous lines in the history of Quebec poetry, from Soir d’hiver (c.1898) by Émile Nelligan: “Oh! How the snow’s been snowing!/My window pane is a garden of frost./Oh! How the snow’s been snowing!/What’s the spasm of living/Next … Continue reading

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The “Ownanist” Manifesto

An Ownanist Manifesto By Julian Peters As a young Republican, I am a strong believer in pulling yourself up by your own efforts, on not relying on handouts from anyone. The hard truth of the matter is that the key … Continue reading

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The Graphic Canon Vol. 2 in stores today!

The second installment of Russ Kick’s epic anthology of the classics of world literature in graphic form hits stores today. The volume is dedicated entirely to the literature of the 1800s, and includes my adaptation of an English translation of Arthur Rimbaud’s “Le bateau ivre” … Continue reading

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