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Arthur Rimbaud – Chanson de la plus haute tour – Song from the Highest Tower

I’m not altogether satisfied with this image (still finding my feet with watercolour), although I like the composition. There too, though, I’m annoyed by an inconsistency in the shadows: Why doesn’t Rimbaud’s body cast a shadow on the floor along with … Continue reading

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“Annabel Lee” Video by Renée Latulippe and Interview

The immensely talented Renée Latulippe has created a video featuring her interpretation of Edgar Allan Poe’s “Annabel Lee” that incorporates the drawings in my comics adpatation of the poem. I was really impressed with the results, and it made me … Continue reading

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The Great Gatsby

Prompted by the release of its umpteenth cinematic adaptation, I have just reread The Great Gatsby for the umpteenth time. I was particularly struck this time around by the degree to which the novel’s ultimate emotional payoff seems so much greater than what would appear to … Continue reading

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