Burgundy Lion Drawings

A series of 6 drawings commissioned for the Burgundy Lion Pub in Montreal. http://www.burgundylion.com/home.php


6 Responses to Burgundy Lion Drawings

  1. michael says:

    love your work Julian. If I wanted to commission you to do some work for us how would I contact you? Look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Daniel says:

    I really like these drawings. If I didn’t know that you were the artist, I’d think that they were drawn by an old crosshatching master from the early 1900s.

    I would have center aligned the text from the 1st drawing, just as you did with the other ones.



    • Thanks! I am definitely hoping to fool some people about the authenticity of these “vintage” images, especially among the Burgundy Lion patrons who might glance over them after they’ve already had a few pints.
      You obviously have a good eye for detail: I didn’t centre the texts on a few of the first drawings because I originally wanted to place the BL crest in the bottom right corner. But they nixed the idea. I corrected it, but I had already made the scans of the images that I posted here.


      • Vir Beatum says:

        That’s totally Dave at the bar, no?


        • Perhaps, but he must have sneaked his way in when my consciousness wasn’t looking. On the other hand, Dave’s features very deliberately grace the football player at the right end of the back row of the Burgundy Lion FC group image. This was the agreed upon reward for his suggesting of the idea for this drawing when I was out of inspiration just days before the St. George’s Day deadline.


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