Sensations by Arthur Rimbaud

My adaptation of one of Rimbaud’s earliest poems.sensations

11 Responses to Sensations by Arthur Rimbaud

  1. Alexandre Dubé says:

    Old post, but I was wondering if you knew the version put to music by Robert Charlebois: (here sung by Vincent Vallières)


  2. A French visitor says:

    Early poems are always special. That one is particularly touching. I love poems that explore sensations, when words try to depict our connection to nature. Reading it , along with your delicate illustration, made me feel and hear the wind blow this morning. Thank you 🙂
    In a different style, have you ever read Emily Dickinson ‘s 328 poem ? so refreshing !


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  6. Nelly Splash says:

    I love your page ❤


  7. John Muckle says:



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