Bataille de bouffe pour un continent

The Battle of the Plains of Abraham as a food fight. First two pages of a proposed 6-page comic. I proposed these images for the Hachette Canada Concours BD 2012, whose theme this year was “food”, but unfortunately I did not win. In the remainder of the comic, the French and British were to launch numerous other characteristic food items, including french fries, “ragout de boulettes”, cheddar and haggis (courtesy of the Fraser’s Highlanders). In the end, among the smouldering (and delicious) battle debris, poutine was to be discovered. Click on images to enlarge.Batailledebouffe1Batailledebouffe2

2 Responses to Bataille de bouffe pour un continent

  1. Rebecca B. says:

    Now, how are we, parents, going to explain to our children that one mustn’t play with food, if even history seems to approve and give an example?
    Fun style and novel idea, though. I love the image of the soldier looking down his musket!


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