I am a comic book artist and illustrator living in Montreal. In recent years, I have focused primarily on the adaptation of classic poems into comics. I have a master’s degree in Art History, with a thesis focusing on two early graphic novels: Dino Buzzati’s “Poema a fumetti” (“Poem Strip”) and the “The Projector” by Martin Vaughn-James. My favourite artist is Aubrey Beardsley. My favourite comic book artists are Andrea Pazienza, Dino Battaglia, Hergé and Alberto Breccia. Among my favourite living comic book artists are Lorenzo Mattotti, Kate Beaton, Brecht Evens, Seth, and Gipi. My favourite comic book is Dino Buzzati’s “Poem Strip.” My favourite poets are probably T. S. Eliot, W.B. Yeats and Arthur Rimbaud. My favourite poems are probably the four English poems featured on this website, or possibly Edward Fitzgerald’s  translation of “The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam”. My favourite food is risotto.

Contact: info@jpeterscomics.com

My debut book, Poems to See By: A Comic Artist Interprets Great Poetry, will be released on March 31 by Plough Publishing, and is now available for pre-order on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Poems-See-Artist-Interprets-Poetry/dp/087486318X


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  1. Rachel Kloter Stansel says:

    I just finished Poems to See By and was blown away. I found your site and wanted to just thank you for such a beautiful book of art.


  2. RickAstleyMaybe says:

    Hey ! I just found your work today! Just wanted to tell you that you’re amazing ! And question, little veryyy little one, I know you’ve said you just drew 8 pages of it, but do you project To finish this Rimbaud’s aventures comic of yours?


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  4. Ed Fredericks says:

    Is the Prufrock comic available for sale. Beautifully done.


  5. Hey man, I would love to see you do The Shield of Achilles by W.H. Auden, or else Bees are Black, with Gilt Surcingles — by Emily Dickinson. Your style I think would really bring those pieces to life.


    • It’s true that “The Shield of Achilles” is extremely visually evocative -almost cinematic in a “Passion of The Christ” kind of way. Thanks for letting me know about it! But at the moment I have to focus on public domain material if I want to have a hope of getting published. The Dickinson poem could be a lot of fun, although I’ve had my eye on “Because I could not stop for Death” for a while now.

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  6. Hey man I just discovered your work today. I’m about to publish an article on T.S. Eliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock and I found your work while looking for images of the poem. I have to say as a writer, as an english student about to graduate with his Masters, and just as a lover of comics in general I was floored by your work. Seriously man I cannot even begin to express my admiration and respect for the work you’re doing. I look forward to seeing your new projects man.


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  9. alice says:

    good day, may I suggest a search on Wally Keeler Cobourg? there is an asphalt patch before the Waterfront Trail where i believe this poet writes lines, the one I read in July was “i will be waiting for you in the garden of possibilities” this month it was “my love drifts on rippled sunsets” like the pastel artists in Italy, temporary art for the next rain to erase.


  10. Brian Bates says:


    I am writing an article about graphic narrative adaptations of Keats’s “La Belle Dame,” and I was hoping that I might contact you directly to ask a few questions about your version.

    Thank you for your time.


  11. Sam says:

    I love this! Prufrock is my favorite poem.


  12. Anonymous says:

    found you actually Prufrock by chance & v.glad i did strangely i found Prufrock easier to read with your illustrations! any chance of (your) graphic Waste Land?! my thanx to you & my heartfelt best wishes for material success (gal’s gotta live!) & widespread acclaim


  13. I came here after seeing your drawings and the video of Pope’s Annabel Lee. New fan now!

    Could you possibly consider doing Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, by Robert Frost? I’ve had that memorized since the third grade. I even recited it while dressed up as him in a college English class presentation of poets in front of the students and faculty.


    • I’ll definitely consider it! It’s a great poem, and a very visual one.


      • I agree! It can totally be translated into a visual interpretation! As part of my third grade recitation of the poem, a partner and I had to design our own visual of it on poster board. I recall tall, brown, construction paper trees, a little man on a little horse, lots of white and a few plastic beads. Almost twenty one years later and it’s still my favorite, which is why I chose it for my poets recital in college.

        I’d definitely like a copy if you make one! 🙂


      • I just came back here after seeing a referral click-through link on my dashboard. I realize that i misspelled “Poe”. Excuse me! Lol.


  14. Julian, when do we see these published?!


  15. Fabien Gerard says:

    I am an old fan of Dino Battaglia… No surprise I do appreciate your work, which I just discovered by chance. Congratulations !!!


  16. Benoit Paré says:

    Bonjour Julian,
    Your work is of superior quality, chapeau! You master black and white sketching in your own very unique and enjoyable way.


  17. Hello, Julian;

    I really think these are fantastic, and I agree with the person who said these will bring poetry to life for so many people who don’t connect with it., or aren’t being taught about it.
    Your illustrations create their own natural cadence which is really working for me.

    Keep up the great work!


  18. T.K.Manojan says:

    Excellent pictures.Truly commendable attempt !


  19. skmceowen says:

    I’ll see what I can do. Will direct friends to your site and see if anyone responds. Again, awesome work! I wish you much success!


  20. Julian-I am blown away by your talents! I just found you online today. Have you been published? You mention that in “The Love Song.” I would certainly be interested in helping you if you need it. I’m not in publishing but I have contacts and book creation experience. These comics should be in every child’s (and adults) hands!


    • Thanks you Susan! I would definitely be very grateful if you could point any potential publishers in my direction. Having a publishing deal would definitely make it a lot easier for me to justify taking the time off required to finish this.


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