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Two Montreal Views in the Style of Ukiyo-e Prints

Two scenes from near where I live – an alley in Côte-Saint-Paul and a view along the aqueduct in Verdun – rendered in a style that tries to imitate that of the nineteenth-century Japanese ukiyo-e prints by such artists as … Continue reading

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Crayola Fall Sketches

I haven’t been posting much new work these last couple of months, mostly because I’ve been teaching at four different school this semester and have had time for little else (I have, however, been doing a fair bit of doodling, … Continue reading

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Stepping Out For A Walk in Verdun on A Sunny Day

Church bells from the high clouds swinging sunlight Through the branches swaying stair rails Gleaming star-crossed parents passing Red and gold brick streaming Past the corners of my eyes. Facades crumbling cement beavers Flying through the phone lines swooping Foliage … Continue reading

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