Crayola Fall Sketches

I haven’t been posting much new work these last couple of months, mostly because I’ve been teaching at four different school this semester and have had time for little else (I have, however, been doing a fair bit of doodling, as attested by my Instagram account @julianpeterscomics). Before winter rather abruptly and definitively set in here in Montreal in early November, I did find a few free afternoons to go out and do some urban sketching, using a material that was quite new for me (at least in adult life) -crayola crayons. The bright, primary colours seemed to suit the Montreal fall light, which is very clear and almost naively unfiltered, and the wax crayons also have the advantage of being eminently portable. Unfortunately I only got to do a few of these before the days got too wet and cold (not to mention colourless) to permit outdoor drawing, but I hope to get back to this kind of thing in the far-off spring.


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7 Responses to Crayola Fall Sketches

  1. marandarussell says:

    Love these!


  2. Rebecca Bourgeois says:

    I have just now come across these drawings. How restful and peaceful they are!
    I’ve always loved crayola colours. When my children were small, my brother once gave my youngest one of those huge crayola barrels with loads of different hues. I think I had just as much fun as they did!

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  3. Anna Russo says:

    These are beautiful. I love Crayola crayons but haven’t much luck using them for grown-up drawings. Thank you for the inspiration, I would like to save them, carefully credited to you, and show them to my art students of all ages.

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