“Partners in Rhyme”: Oscar Wilde’s “Impression du Matin” in Atelier Magazine

impressiondumatin2correctedThe latest issue of Atelier, Italy’s foremost contemporary poetry magazine, is now out, and I’m honoured to be featured in it with a comics adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s short poem “Impression du Matin” (1881). The comic is accompanied by an Italian translation by my brilliant “Partner in Rhyme” Francesca Benocci, a  PhD student in Translation Studies at Victoria University of Wellington (NZ). Also included is a short essay by Francesca in which she explains the thought process behind her translation, which is conceived in such a way as to fit perfectly with my comics interpretation, both in the images I have selected an in the way in which I have placed the text in relation to them. I’m happy to say that more such collaborations between me and Francesca are in the works, and should appear in subsequent issues of Atelier. For more information about Atelier and how to obtain copies of this latest issue and their back catalogue, click here: http://www.atelierpoesia.it/portal/it/


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2 Responses to “Partners in Rhyme”: Oscar Wilde’s “Impression du Matin” in Atelier Magazine

  1. Rebecca Bourgeois says:

    I saw your beautiful illustrations for “Le mani” and Dora Markus. Beautiful, expressive, and moving.


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