“Waiting” by Raymond Carver

In honour of Valentine’s Day, here is my comics adaptation of the final portion of a very romantic poem by Raymond Carver, “Waiting,” The poem seems particularly appropriate on this Valentine’s Day, when we all find ourselves waiting, in one way or the other, for the return of so many of the things that give meaning to our existence–including the quest for those things.

This comic was done as a commission for someone in Italy, and the text featured on the actual physical pages is a translation of the poem into Italian (the language of love, mais oui!). I’m including that version below. The excellent translation is by Riccardo Duranti and Francesco Duranti.

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6 Responses to “Waiting” by Raymond Carver

  1. Anonymous says:



  2. Marryam says:

    Absolutely beautiful


  3. Rosa Mendoza says:

    I believe you used water color, or am I wrong? The technique gives a soft feel..which goes perfectly with this poem. I also enjoyed reading the Italian version… which reminded me that Spanish (I am Mexican American) and Italian are first cousins! I understood a lot.


    • Yes, it’s watercolour. I wanted to give a certain sense of vagueness, of images shifting in and out of focus. So true about Spanish and Italian being first cousins! I’m Italian and I also feel as though I can understand the great majority of the content of most Spanish texts. And Spanish is another plausible candidate for being “the language of love” 😉


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