“Entrenchments 2015” – Live Drawing Performance Video

In the spring of 2015, I was Artist in Residence at Wait-te-Ata Press of Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (with funding from the Canadian High Commission in New Zealand). While there I participated in “Entrenchments 2015”, an initiative of Dr. Marco Sonzogni (Director of the New Zealand Centre for Literary Translation), and of Dr. Sydney Shep (Director of Wai-te-Ata). Along with the New Zealand author and graphic artist Sarah Laing, I was invited to create visual responses to texts originating from or dealing with the First and Second World Wars. Among my assigned activities was the creation of the “daily dispatches”, a series of fifteen-minute live “visual response” to a daily twitter feed associated with New Zealand’s WW100 project, which tweeted extracts from the wartime diary of Lt. Col. William George Malone, the commander of the Wellington Battalion of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force during the Gallipoli campaign of 1915. The drawings were executed in whiteboard marker on a glass panel in front of a live audience and a stop motion camera. Two years later, a composite video of these performances put together by Warren Butcher is now up on Youtube:

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2 Responses to “Entrenchments 2015” – Live Drawing Performance Video

  1. Rebecca B. says:

    What amazing insight into your work technique!


  2. Trobairitz says:

    This is really cool!


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