White on Black Sketch #1

Fantasy landscape painted in white opaque watercolour on black paper. The composition and perspective are a little wonky because I started painting directly on the blank page (or rather black void), inventing the scene as I went along.


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6 Responses to White on Black Sketch #1

  1. Rebecca B. says:

    Absolutely lovely.
    The execution of the flagstones on the rooftop terrace, as well as the mountains and moon, are wonderful (as is all the rest, of course, but these elements I find particularly evocative).
    A beautiful, haunting image.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I had never come accross white opaque watercolour before. The little bridge leading to the deep dark water is really intriguing. You can almost feel the cobbled stones at the top of the tower. The musician’s silhouette is evanescent: one may wonder if he’s real or a spirit who found his way out of the maze. The vegetation seems partly drawn by the moonlight. Really interesting to look at!


  3. Anonymous says:

    I like it It create an atmosphère
    Ginette Methot


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