“Le mani” by Vittorio Sereni in “Atelier”

LemaniSerenimodified detailMy adaptation of the poem “Le mani” (“The Hands”) by the Italian poet Vittorio Sereni (1913-1983) appears today in “Atelier”, Italy’s leading online poetry magazine. View the full 1-page comic on their website here: http://www.atelierpoesia.it/portal/it/poesia-arte-it-mul/comics-by-j-peters-mul/item/358-le-mani-di-vittorio-sereni

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4 Responses to “Le mani” by Vittorio Sereni in “Atelier”

  1. Rebecca Bourgeois says:

    Absolutely wonderful ; the watercolors are so highly expressive, and render so well the mood of the poem. A beautiful partnership between two forms of art.


  2. Thanks a lot brother! I definitely want to keep exploring watercolour. I didn’t know Sereni either, but he was from Lake Maggiore, so he’s practically a paesan!


  3. Marco Vins Della Motta says:

    Jools, I highly admire your work in watercolour as of late and of course, especially your use of it to illustrate this particular poem whose author had been completely unknown to me till now. The arrangement of the five panels is superb and the largest middle third panel, illustrating the lines “Quando lente le schiudi, là davanti/ la città è quell’arco di fuoco.”, is worthy of rapt contemplation. Excellent stuff, brother!


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