1920s Dandy for Aklasu Magazine

Cubist DandyAnother illustration for Aklasu Online Men’s Magazine, this one accompanying an article on the short-lived reappearance of colour in menswear in the 1920s. I started with the idea of trying my hand at an art deco style, but ended up with something more cubist, which would be more appropriate for the previous decade. You can read the great article by Justine Smith here: https://aklasu.co/50-shades-pink-colour-palette-1920/

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2 Responses to 1920s Dandy for Aklasu Magazine

  1. alice says:

    par le col qui se confond avec le ciel, la tête flotte au-dessus du corps, en est détachée;
    le multichromatisme (mot inventé) a un effet bénéfique, la thérapie des couleurs fonctionne


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