Volume 2 of Le Canon graphique now in stores!

le-canon-graphique-coffret-editions-telemaqueLa Belle Dame 3 eyesThe second volume of the French-language edition of  The Graphic Canon, Russ Kick’s terrific anthology of graphic adaptations of the classics of world literature, is now available in fine bookstores near you (assuming you live in a French-speaking country). In addition to my adaptation of Arthur Rimbaud’s “Drunken Boat,” which is also available in the English version, this new edition contains a French translation of my adaptation of John Keats’s “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” (no need to translate the title). This is the first time this comic of mine has been published in full in any language. Le Canon graphique is published in Paris by Les Editions Télémaque. So far, reviews in France seem to have been largely positive, although I read one article in which the book was describe as “très anglo-saxon.”

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