J. Alred Prufrock in The Boston Globe!

“‘Archie,’ ‘Garfield,’ ‘Spider-Man,’ ‘Dilbert,’ ‘Dick Tracy,’ and ‘J. Alfred Prufrock’?”
A wonderful profile of my Prufrock comic in The Boston Globe. As a kid I was obsessed with Calvin & Hobbes and The Far Side, and I often dreamed of being a syndicated newspaper cartoonist. I’m glad some of my comics eventually made into a major American daily, if only for a day!

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6 Responses to J. Alred Prufrock in The Boston Globe!

  1. What a great article on your work, Jules! Heartfelt congratulations, my friend!


  2. Claire Warren says:

    well-deserved, well-deserved! I’m so blown away by what you have chosen to do and with the talent with which you do it.


  3. Diane G. Paquin says:

    Hopefully there will be more days, there will certainly be more days, I hear the barriers falling.


  4. Cindy says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to see and buy the finished product!


  5. zookyworld says:

    That’s awesome — congrats!


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