Dave Morice’s Poetry Comics

Dave Morice, looking eccentric even by 1970s fashion standards

Dave Morice, looking eccentric even by 1970s fashion standards

The idea of adapting classic works of poetry into comics originated with the American writer, artist and educator Dave Morice. Beginning in 1978, he produced a great number of such adaptations, which were collected in his 1980 anthology Poetry Comics: A Cartooniverse of Poems (Simon & Schuster, 1980), and in several subsequent books. Partly in response to the growing popularity of poetry comics in the last couple of years, Morice has recently returned to the art form he invented with brand new issues of his Poetry Comics magazine, now published online on his website, Dave Morice’s Poetry Comics: http://www.poetrycomicsonline.com/Poetry_Comics_Story.php

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7 Responses to Dave Morice’s Poetry Comics

  1. sage248 says:

    I will not be so kind. Where you even born when Dave was pioneering this art form? Do you have understanding that his Dr. Alphabet costume was part of his poets in the schools program and not some eccentric fashion choice? Do you know that it was brave at the time to take Prufrock and cartoonize him going against the conservative teaching methods of the time? Do you know he is a poet, artist, performer, educator, son, father and has created a multiude of new creative ways to bring art and writing to the people? You might do well to read his biography “Dr. Alphabet Unmasked”, it might add some soul to your tedious drawings.


    • And I thought this was the one place on the Internet where no one disagreed and argued. Constructive criticism is one thing, tiresome tirades against a talented artist, another. How on earth does it matter if Julian was born or not when Dave started his work?! His admiration for Dave is clear, and it’s unfair and insulting to go around assuming that you’re the only authority in the world on Dave Morice. Clearly reading his biography hasn’t added any ‘soul’ to your being.
      If you don’t like Julian’s work, fair enough, you’re free to dislike it. If you want to critique it or review it, then go ahead. But the kind of drivel you’re indulging in at the moment helps no one. So just calm down, okay?


      • sage248 says:

        Julian is a fine if slow illustrator, like thousands of other realistic artists who find it easier to make pictures to match solid writers. He is fine, but no pioneer or trendmaker. I was responding to the caption above implying that the Dr. Alphabet costume was a sign of being eccentric even for the 70s (which is why I brought up that Peters had little experienc on Morice much less the 70s) instead of realizing Dr. Alphabet is one of Morice’s performing masks. And…actually I wrote and designed Morice’s biography so it pains me to see him being ridiculed.


        • I’m sorry that you interpreted my caption as an attempt at ridicule. While I was not alive for the great majority of the 70s, I did in fact realize that Dave’s outfit in that photo was not a part of his regular wardrobe rotation. Nevertheless, I think we can agree that his wearing of the Dr. Alphabet costume is indicative of a certain eccentricity -that is to say, of an original and uncompromising spirit.


        • Aulia says:

          I do not think Julian here has ever intended to pose himself as a “pioneer” or a “trendmaker”…he is simply doing what he loves, which also happens to be something which he is good at…Can’t we just take one second to appreciate his attempt?


  2. Dave Morice says:

    Julian, thank you for including me in your website. I think your cartoons are wonderful–miniature masterpieces. Keep it up!


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