Interview with Vincenzo Mascolo at the Ritratti di Poesia 2020 Festival

The 14th edition of the Ritratti di Poesia (“Portraits of Poetry”) festival, Rome’s premiere annual poetry event, took place on February 21 in the Auditorium della Conciliazione, just a few blocks way from St. Peter’s Square. I was invited to display a number of my original artworks, and to give this interview (in Italian) with festival organizer Vincenzo Mascolo on the subject of illustrating poetry.

All in all I feel as though I acquitted myself quite well in terms of the Italian, although a “true Italian” would never allow the skin to show between his sock and the hem of his pants, as the camera angle so mercilessly reveals.

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6 Responses to Interview with Vincenzo Mascolo at the Ritratti di Poesia 2020 Festival

  1. Isabelle Pouliot says:

    Molto interessante,Julian! Aspetto di ricevere il tuo libro! In bocca al lupo!


  2. Louis Daigle says:

    Hey Julian,
    Indeed, you are on a roll…quite impressive.
    You needn’t have called attention to the one centimetre gap between your jeans and your Trudeau-style socks…
    I put on the subtitles in order to understand better and saw that your “Rimbaud” is either “rainbow” or “Rambo”.
    If you check it, you may uncover other snags in the subtitles.
    All in all, you acquitted yourself very well.
    “Keep buggering on”, as Churchill would have said.


    • Thanks so much Louis! It’s really nice to know you’re listening. Things have certainly been on the up-and-up in terms of the comics lately, but it does feel a bit odd to be launching my books in two weeks, in the face of the apocalypse. I hope that, one day when this is all over, you will come to the book launch. Stay safe until then, Julian


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