Infinite Splendour of Krishna

In Chapter 10 0f the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Khrisna elaborates on his transcendent nature. He is to be found within all things, but above all, as he tells his interlocutor, the warrior Arjuna, he is to be conceived of and looked for in as all that is superlative and inspiring, basically the crème de la crème of creation. Among mountains, he is Mount Meru, thought to be the centre of the Universe; among the celestial bodies, he is the Sun in the daytime and the Moon at night; among the letters, he is “A”; among animals, he is the lion; among birds, the mythical eagle-like Garuda; among water creatures, he is the crocodile; among trees, the banyan tree; among all the causes for procreation, he is Love; and among seasons, Krishna is the Spring, the bringer of flowers.

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4 Responses to Infinite Splendour of Krishna

  1. Artyv K says:

    Reblogged this on Art-o-Tart and commented:
    I love the lion and its expression. On a less serious note, why does a God never announce they’re in the dirt, in tardigrades, in the bacteria of the gut? An odd thing to skimp on.

    But I do love Julian Peter’s art.


  2. Anonymous says:

    This is tenderly naive , charming … enchanting! I love it !


  3. kartar khalsa says:

    I love your Krishna. Do you ever sell prints?

    Kartar Khalsa Kskhalsa@yahoo.com703-431-6484


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