“Elegy” by Leonard Cohen

A watercolour illustration inspired by “Elegy,” the opening poem in Leonard Cohen’s very first poetry collection, Let Us Compare Mythologies, from 1956.Elegy



Do not look for him
In brittle mountain streams:
They are too cold for any god;
And do not examine the angry rivers
For shreds of his soft body
Or turn the shore stones for his blood;
But in the warm salt ocean
He is descending through cliffs
Of slow green water
And the hovering coloured fish
Kiss his snow-bruised body
And build their secret nests
In his fluttering winding-sheet.

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3 Responses to “Elegy” by Leonard Cohen

  1. Marco Vins Della Motta says:

    Holy smokes! If I could have “loved” this rather than merely “like” it, I would have. Love it! Sublime work, my friend! I think you must have a Symbolist in a previous life. Rest assured that had I also been living at the time, I would have been one of your most fervent champions.

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