Noah’s Ark

I created this watercolour painting as a recent baptism gift for my godson. Since my godson is genetically predisposed to becoming a wide-ranging and unconventional thinker, I decided that my depiction of Noah’s ark would eschew the usual elephants, lions, and zebras in favour of some of our less well-known fellow earthlings. Depicted aboard and around the vessel are: black-billed spoonbills, flying squirrels, gerenuks, capybaras, wooly bear caterpillars, mushushus, pig-nosed frogs, cassowaries, jerboas,  pink fairy armadillos, long-eared bats, okapis, budgerigars, tamanduas, tarsiers, Highland cattle, pangolins, echidnas, Malayan tapirs, African wild dogs, star-nosed moles, saigas, proboscis monkeys, flying fish, elephant seals, sawfish, narwhals, and a human.

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8 Responses to Noah’s Ark

  1. Thank God Noah had different values.


  2. I am fascinated by this cuteness ❤


  3. Beautiful. Do you have an Etsy site? (Or is this one too personal?)


  4. Anonymous says:

    Love it -I’m forwarding the link to my daughter who is expecting her first child at the end of August.


  5. divadiane1 says:

    I adore this.


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