Le Poète Public honours me with a poem!


A couple of days ago, one of my Italian students brought me a poem about me by Robert Séguin, Montreal’s very own public poet. Le Poète Public has set up his made-to-order poetry booth on Prince-Arthur Street, just next to Carré St-Louis, where he will compose poems on whatever subject one desires, typing them up on an old-fashioned typewriter. After telling him about my practice of adapting classic poetry into comics, my student came back to the booth fifteen minutes later and voilà, the public poet had produced this very clever bit of word-play.

I google searched the Poète Public and found this image courtesy of Overblog: http://montreal-les-caribous-et-moi.over-blog.com/2016/06/l-enigmatique-poete-de-rue.html


As well as choosing what is quite possibly Montreal’s most picturesque street corner to set up shop, Robert Séguin is clearly the coolest-looking Montrealer since Émile Nelligan (who lived just a few doors down from this very spot, as it happens).


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2 Responses to Le Poète Public honours me with a poem!

  1. Anonymous says:

    My French is not all that good and some words I couldn’t translate properly, How about a proper translation for us clods?
    Your website is extremely entertaining. Congratulations. Pat Silver-Lasky

    it must take a poet coronation
    To take these sacred poets
    These worms have a hit Mistletoe
    and greening encartoones

    Poet does not stop us poetize
    Fools us into your headers breaks
    dan we encase the head of fools
    Band-designs we swarmed

    It takes a sacred poetry
    to take the sacred poetry
    these verses that cartonne
    and make green encartoones


    • Thanks Pat! It’s a pretty much impossible poem to translate, as it relies so heavily on word-play, as well as a few made-up words. A more-or-less literal translation could go something like this (although I may have missed something):

      It must take one hell of a poet
      To take those sacred poets
      Those verses that have been so successful
      And rejuvenate them as cartoons

      Poet, never stop poetizing us
      Throw us into your brain teasers
      En-panel us in the minds of the crazy ones
      comic-ify us all spread out

      It takes one hell of a poetry
      To take that sacred poetry
      Those verses that have been so successful
      And rejuvenate them as cartoons

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