Rimbaud t-shirts now for sale!

Rimbaud1When I was in my early twenties, an older friend handed down to me a beloved old blue t-shirt of his featuring a passage of poetry by Arthur Rimbaud, whose writings and person I had recently become obsessed with. I wore it so frequently as to render its already less than pristine fabric threadbare and tattered and the quote completely illegible. Then a few years later, another friend gave me another Rimbaud-themed t-shirt, which I also adored, and continue to wear to this day, although it has long since become faded and shapeless through countless washings. I guess what I’m saying is, everybody needs a Rimbaud t-shirt of their own to love and wear down to the ground, and now you can have just that, a t-shirt featuring a drawing of that great “Tintin of poetry” by yours truly. The folks over at the brilliant Australian online journal of letters Bareknuckle Poet are releasing a series of shirts featuring my pen and ink portraits of Rimbaud, the first of which is presently available in a wide variety of sizes and colours. Shirts are Non-sweatshop with high-quality fabric, to stand up to obsessively repeated wearings.
Also check out their many other wonderful literary-themed t-shirts available from the Bareknuckle Poet store (printed through Redbubble):

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