Illustrating Poetry Interview Part 1

Here is the first part of a two-part interview I gave to Neelima Vinod for her wonderful neelthemuse blog, which discusses and promotes poetry in all its forms.
Neelima is a poet herself, and many of her poems are featured on her website. Here are some lines of hers that I particularly enjoyed, extracted from her “Envious Poem”

Can you write a word now?

So full of networking you…

Can you be honest again

And natural

Like a bird wrapped up by the sky

Or a dew drop practising its final fall?
A bird wrapped up by the sky… Now, wouldn’t that make a great comic-book poetry panel?

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1 Response to Illustrating Poetry Interview Part 1

  1. neelthemuse says:

    Thanks Julian! Come to think of it, would really like that…..


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