Views of an Imaginary City VIII – A Neighbourhood Best Avoided after Dark

A Neighbourhood Best Avoided after Dark

It’s a strange thing about those old narrow streets by the river in the eastern part of the Sofluri district. By day, the area is really quite picturesque and charming, with its cobbled passageways, its ancient doorways, and its lines of hanging laundry between the high stone buildings. But after nightfall… After nightfall, it becomes the horror land, the land of sordid and irreparable crimes, of flinching memories and sickening despair, of fathomless loneliness and dangling feet.

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5 Responses to Views of an Imaginary City VIII – A Neighbourhood Best Avoided after Dark

  1. zookyworld says:

    Wonderfully eerie illustration — I may need to avoid this neighborhood even before dark falls!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Manuel Rigler’s loving this from Newfoundland:)


    • That’s great. The Riglers are responsible for brightening my childhood with the gift of one of my all-time favourite (and incredibly macabre) books, “Master Snickup’s Cloak,” and I am glad to return the favour in some small part.


  3. Ok, yeah, dude hanging from a rope says all I need about THIS ‘hood!


  4. Diane G. Paquin says:

    Right on time for Halloween, nice decor! What a waste of beets juice though…


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