Lord Shiva atop Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash stands 6638 metres above sea level in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, near the borders of both India and Tibet. In Hinduism, the mountain is identified as the abode of Shiva, God of Destruction and of Time, and the primal Self of the entire universe.

The idea of depicting India in foreshortened perspective from the Himalayas comes from a similar view of Italy from the Alps in a cartoon by the Italian comics artist Andrea Pazienza.

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6 Responses to Lord Shiva atop Mount Kailash

  1. Sonya says:

    It’s a beautiful image, and one I never imagined, but now that I see it, suddenly Mount Kailash seems to make sense. Of course, the real mountain would not be high enough, but what an imagery!


  2. jamesavis says:

    Shiva, the bringer of fire… Hey, Jack, gotta light?


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