259th anniversary of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham

On the morning of September 13, 1759 -also a Thursday like today- a British army under the command of General James Wolfe defeated a French army under the command of the Marquis Louis-Joseph de Montcalm just outside the walls of Quebec City. Wolfe’s victory at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, as it came to be known, would give the British command of the city after a more than two-month-long siege, and greatly contribute to the final conquest of New France one year later.

The outcome of the battle was largely a result of the surprise effect achieved by the British in attacking the city from the cliff-lined westward side, rather than from the more accessible eastern end, as Montcalm was convinced they must do. This extract from my ongoing graphic novel project depicts the moment in which Wolfe first conceived of the incredibly risky plan of sneaking his troops up the cliffs along a narrow path leading up to the Plains of Abraham from the Saint-Lawrence River. It should be explained that the young British general is acting uncharacteristically spacey due to a temporary laudanum addiction. Click here to read the full 60-page sample section of the graphic novel that I have completed so far: https://julianpeterscomics.com/each-in-his-narrow-cell-graphic-novel-sample-section/

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