Little Red Riding Hood

In honour of Valentine’s Day, an unintentionally sexually suggestive illustration of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. In setting out to depict this scene for a homework exercise in a watercolour class I’m taking, I purposefully set out to avoid the undercurrent of sexual tension with which this scene is often presented, and which by now has become more than a little bit of a cliche. Clearly, however, my subconscious was having nothing of it, and it dawned on me towards the completion of the image that I had only succeeded in switching the sexual metaphors, with Little Red Riding Hood in the role of a timid male erection confronting the wolf’s menacing vagina dentata. Once I realized this I of course went about heightening the effect somewhat (but not much, as it was almost all already there). Now I’m thinking I must return to this subject and explore consciously what after all seems to me like a promising approach to this over-illustrated scene.

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