Montcalm Returns to Candiac

Most of my upcoming graphic novel about the Battle of the Plains of Abraham will be coloured in neutral shades of grey and one characteristic identifying colour for each of the participant nations (Phtallo Blue for the French, Cadmium Red Deep for the British, Mineral Violet for the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), and so on). Occasionally, however, there will be full-page images in full colour to help establish atmosphere. In this picture, General Montcalm’s carriage makes it way back to the French commander’s Chateau of Candiac, in the Languedoc region of Southern France.

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4 Responses to Montcalm Returns to Candiac

  1. Rebecca says:

    This looks exactly like where I live, in the Languedoc!
    There is a great peace infusing this artwork. It’s really lovely.

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    • Thanks! It’s really nice to know a Languedocienne feels I got the atmosphere right! The atmosphere is peaceful, but also intended to prefigure Montcalm’s demise (this homecoming actually takes place in a dream in which he foresees his death). Thus the transition towards the darkened portion of the landscape and the setting sun.


      • Rebecca B. says:

        Thanks for the insight.
        Yes, it does capture the peaceful essence of the area which, I suppose, is a lot like certain parts of Italy.
        I can’t wait to see the finished story! All these tantalizing bits you put up on your site have really sharpened my interest! How long still do you expect it will take you? Have you got a publisher lined up?


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