Profiles in Leadership – James Wolfe

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5 Responses to Profiles in Leadership – James Wolfe

  1. Rebecca B. says:

    You really have a way with faces and colouring; it’s always a great pleasure to see your latest work.


    • Thanks! I must admit, I’ve always thought facial expressions were my greatest strength in comics. It’s the one and only element of the art form over which I’ve never much doubted myself.


      • Rebecca B. says:

        Oddly, I know many artists who say the exact opposite.
        As concerns your art, I think you have a particular knack, not only with faces and expression, but with the rendering of atmosphere.


        • Well, that’s nice to know. I was worried that maybe all artists are inordinately satisfied with their rendering of facial expressions, as they might simply project their own emotions onto the drawings they created.


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