Vimy 1917-2017

Today marks the centenary of the beginning of the Battle of Vimy Ridge (April 9-12, 1917). The Allied victory cost the lives of 3600 Canadians (along with, lest we forget, an unknown, but no doubt horrifyingly high number of Germans). Among the dead was my great-great-uncle, Lt. William Henderson Gregory, killed by shrapnel while leading a charge up the ridge on the first day of battle. He had just turned 27.


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3 Responses to Vimy 1917-2017

  1. Mila Caceres says:

    Aah yes!


  2. Rebecca B. says:

    What an absolutely heart-wrenching drawing, so understated yet highly emotional, the pale washed-out colours brought so vividly to life by the unbearable sight of death.
    It is beautiful to have remembered the enemy losses, and that opposing armies, before being enemies, are merely other men, who se dead deserve recognition.
    A heart-stopping illustration.

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  3. Sophia Domani says:

    You are an inspiration.

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