“La Belle Dame Sans Merci” at the Keats-Shelley House

To my great delight, my comic book adaptation of John Keats’ “la Belle Dame Sans Merci” is to be included in an exhibition taking place this year at the Keats-Shelley House in Rome. http://www.keats-shelley-house.org/   The show, entitled “Illustrating Keats”, will include images from all the major illustrated editions of Keats’ poetry from 1856 onwards, as well as some contemporary interpretations of his extremely visually-inspiring works.  The originals of three of the pages of my comic are already in Rome awaiting the tremendous honour of being hung on the walls of the very house in which one of the greatest poets to ever wield the English-language spent his final days (before dying of tuberculosis at the age of twenty-five). The show runs from April 9 to November 24.

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4 Responses to “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” at the Keats-Shelley House

  1. Daniel says:

    Wow, so cool! Congrats, Julian! Will you visit the exhibition? How did they find your work?


    • Thanks! I’m going to be in Italy this summer, so I’ll definitely visit. I may even give a little presentation. I actually visited the Keats-Shelley House in 2010 and dropped off my Belle Dame zine then, but until hearing from them a few months ago about this exhibition, I thought nothing was going to come from it.


  2. Poups says:

    That’s great! Mazel Tov!


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