Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe

My adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic poem “Annabel Lee” (1849):
(click on images to enlarge)
Annabel Lee1Annabellee2Annabellee3Annabellee4Annabellee5annabellee6

61 Responses to Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe

  1. Is there a way I could purchase a copy of this?

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  3. Claire S. Warren says:

    Are any of your poems available for purchase? If so, I’d love a list. I really somehow have this powerful internal need to hold them in my own hands and read them. And as for T.S. Eliot — well, I’m getting one, but I know it will be so desperately coveted that I need to get three, Help me out here. I’m ready to purchase! – C.

  4. Francis Torchio says:

    A beautiful rendition of this poem was made into a popular song by a group called the Co-eds. I always enjoy hearing it.

    • I looked up the song, and found it on youtube. It really is beautiful! the best adaptation of the song into music that I’ve heard. The lovely melody, doo wop harmonies -not to mention the scratchy vinyl of this recording- really add to the wistfulness of Poe’s words. Thanks!

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  8. Ricky V. says:

    This was an amazing and beautiful illustration of the poem by the great Edgar Allen Poe. He is one of my favorite poets and i would love to see what you could do with his poem The Raven. Great job on this great interpretation of the poem

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  10. Anonymous says:

    You works are awesome!

  11. My father used to read this to me when I was younger and now I know it by heart. He used to read it to me before I went to bed. I miss hearing it. It’s one of my favorite poems now. My father passed away right before I went to college. This brought tears to my eyes because I miss my father a lot. When he read these poems to me and books it was so special to me. This poem means to much to me.
    When I read this it reminds me of him and I can hear him reading it. The art is beautiful and really conveys the unconditional love and loss in the poem. I would love to have a copy of it.
    Thanks so much.

  12. This is so touching. My father used to read this to me when I was little. He would read this poem because it was one of his favorites. He knew it by heart and now I know it by heart.
    My father passed away right before I came to college and this has been so touching to read. The art is beautifully done and really conveys the love and loss in the poem. Thanks so much. It reminds me so much of my dad and I can hear him read the poem to me.
    Honestly, it brings tears to my eyes. Thanks. I’d love to have a copy of it.

  13. metropolitan school says:


  14. Dany Wong says:

    Simplemente hermoso!! Me encantó <3

  15. Maria says:

    This is the most awesome thing I’ve seen on the Web in a long while. You, Sir, rock!

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  20. Auréliane Vila-Drules. says:

    Je suis en train de regarder tes dessins et je dois te dire que ton style me fait penser à ce que j’ai imaginé quand j’ai lu “Les Hauts de Hurlevent”! Il est simple et très évocateur… bonne continuation! fais-moi savoir si un jour tu illustres Emily Brontë!

  21. Anonymous says:

    I ❤️ the cartoons!!!!!! It’s awesome the way you capture the sadness in the poem. I am very impressed with the last frame how you made the waves look like Annabel reaching out to touch the boy.
    Great Job!!!!!!!!

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  23. Wow! That is so beautifully done. The illustrations so well compliment the verses. I won’t forget the images you represented whenever I read this poem again. :-)

  24. Ankita says:

    Had no idea something so beautiful had a way of becoming even more so. The day this is available in print, I would be proud to bring it home. Good luck!

  25. Miss Chili says:

    Oh! This is such a beautiful thing to come across! The drawings really bring this poem to life…

  26. Incredible illustrations. You’ve brought one of my favourite poems to life beautifully. Thank you.

  27. Saturn With Earrings says:

    This is insane! I love this poem. Wow. You captured the intensity of their love so perfectly.

  28. Dennis Kiernan says:

    Great stuff. I’d like very much to see what you’d do with my favorite poem — With Rue My Heart is Laden, by Housman.

  29. Anonymous says:


  30. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful. Please consider Yeats’ “The Second Coming.”

  31. Skylar says:

    Your art style looks a lot like the comics Gerard Way draws! It looks really cool!

  32. Nilda Vargas says:

    Thank you so much for this incredible work that you’ve done with this poem. It will be an innovative way to teach this poem to my students. I will be using it next semester.Other poem I teach are : “The Runaway” by Robert Frost, “The Highwayman” by Alfred Noyse and “maggie and milly and molly and may” by Lucille Clifton.

  33. this is my favorite poem of Poe, his the Master! and you… you became the perfect poem in something more Perfect! You make the cartoons just exacly as I imagine, thanks! for this wonderfull and amaing work! your the best!

  34. sid says:

    Wow you are truly amazing. Unique perspective, thank you.

  35. puertovar says:

    In Spain, in the south-west, in a region called Extremadura. Thanks a lot, I was ver worried for not being able to use them, thanks, thanks, and many thanks. Have a look! I made that last week with another group of students!

  36. Sure, I’d be happy to have you use my drawings. Where is your school?

  37. puertovar says:

    Excellent work Jualian, can I use it for a project at school?? We’re preparing some stuff about Poe and I’d like to use use this comic because the illustrations are great! Is that possible?

    • Thanks! By all means. I would just ask you to provide a link to my website somewhere in your project.

      • puertovar says:

        In fact I’ve posted something like TO LEARN MORE, and I’ve included this blog. By the way, I’m just preparing it and the students have begun reading the poem and familiarizing with the topics and Poe’s way of composing. My idea is to create a poster for the classroom, and then to prepare your comic with some additional activities I will prepare. The school magazine has accepted (I’m a teacher of English) to publish a review of my project but I’m asking you if I can use your images. I’d be very delighted to show you the end of it, because I’d like them to colour your comic using Po’e way of depicting nature and the elements. Thanks a lot for your work!

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  39. Alyssa M. says:

    This is really well done. wonderful illustration for a wonderful poem. the students will love it, I think I’ll show it to them when we do our Poe study.

  40. Thanks a million (or given the amount of o’s, thanks a trillion)!

  41. Zadrya says:

    I love this poem and I love your graphics they are sooooooooo cool

  42. Iván Matías says:

    Hi there! It’s incedibly wonderful the comic strip about the poem. Unluckily the third paper is scanned wrongly cause it does not show it properly. Could you please re upload it? I’m making my own coursebook on different american literature writers and edgar allan poe is one of them. I’d like to include these comic strips to my notebook. Thanx a lot! ;)

  43. Alessandra says:

    Amazing translation of the poem. Beautiful and inspired. Congrats.

  44. Annabel R says:

    Wow. My name is Annabel and it is even spelled the same. The poem is really sad, Great job anyway!!! Love it!!!!
    : D

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