When You Are Old by W. B. Yeats (Manga Style)

My adaptation of Yeats’ 1893 poem, done in the manner of a Japanese manga. The style is a tribute to the beautiful Shojo manga (girls’ comics) created by the “Clamp” collective in the early 90s. The manga-style screentones are by the illustrator and artist Maryse Daniel. Click on images to enlarge.
Couverture(1)p1_v2p2_v2p3_v2chibi Yeats and Maud Gonne

34 Responses to When You Are Old by W. B. Yeats (Manga Style)

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  3. YOU. You are absolutely brilliant and your art renditions of some of my favorite poems (this one. Prufrock, the Drunken Boat) are the best thing I’ve seen. In love with your work.


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  5. Anonymous says:

    I never fully appreciated this poem until reading it here. The manga style brings out the depth of meaning.


  6. Tayná says:

    I cried. Thanks. This saved my day. I really love this poem and Yeats. And read in this beautiful shoujo art style. Thanks.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Really beautiful.


  8. Miss Chili says:

    Absolutely beautifully enchanting rendition of this poem!!!


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  10. Anonymous says:



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  12. Thoroughly enjoyed this, well done Julian. You have another fan in Oz!.


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  14. your capacity to capture the soul of a poem amazes me!


  15. stilesroad says:

    You got the rhythm of Yeats terrifically. You dealt with his Yeatsian ‘brevity’ with panache ! Loved it.


  16. Gopali Chakraborty Ghosh says:

    Entrancingly beautiful and engaging


  17. Anonymous says:



  18. barbarainoz says:

    I love Yeats, and this is a fresh and fabulous take on an old favourite…TQ..xx


  19. Diane G. Paquin says:

    Mr Peters, you have a chameleon heart, or pencil, and art. These humorous and changing skins of yours are very pleasantly entertaining. Thank you, thank you.


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  21. Julian, I linked to your site from Renee LaTulippe’s blog NWR (No Water River) and I’m so glad I invited myself in. I love the close up of the eyes, the emotions illustrated gives me such a deep soulful longing. This is really good!


    • Thanks a lot! Japanese manga eyes are indeed incredibly soulful. In fact it was probably Yeats’ line about the woman’s eyes with “their shadows deep” that gave me the idea of adapting this poem in this particular style.


  22. This is really beautiful, impressive, exciting! I linked to it on my blog today (the Yeats “Lake Isle of Innisfree” post). So happy to have found your blog!


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