Kickstarter Campaign for “Stairs Appear in a Hole Outside of Town”!

Stairs2 detailI am presently collaborating on a collection of graphic adaptations of the poetry of John Philip Johnson, entitled “Stairs Appear in a Hole Outside of Town.”Johnson is, in my opinion, one of the finest poets working in English today, brilliantly and unusually combining paranormal and sci-fi thematics with an understated, finely calibrated lyricism. Contributing to the illustrations is an impressive roster of talent, including Marvel comics legend Bob Hall. As for myself, in addition to illustrating the project’s titular poem, I am also designing the cover of the collection, which is to be printed in the format of a classic American comic book.

A Kickstarter campaign has recently been set up to finance the production of this grounbreaking hybrid comic/poetry book. The campaign is off to a great start, having already met its initial goal of $500, but the more money we raise, the more copies we can print up and distribute. Please click on the link on the link below for more information about the project and about donating to the campaign:

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Poem Illustrations by Manuele Fior

One of my favourite contemporary Italian cartoonists, Manuele Fior, is presently illustrating classic poems from world literature in a wide var iety of styles:

I think one of my favourites so far is this illustration of Rimbaud’s “Le Coeur volé”, with a composition that recalls that of a nineteenth-century poster, a la Toulouse-Lautrec:


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The Hat Maker and the Heron Master – A Graphic Novel (Sample Scenes)

THMATHMinked1 (2)Among my current endeavours is providing the illustrations for a graphic novel project written by Mike Keller (author of “Charles Darwin’s on the Origin of the Species: A Graphic Adaptation,” nominated for two Eisner awards). “The Hat Maker and the Heron Master” is an epic tale set in New York City and the wilds of Florida from the 1850s to the 1890s. Here is a brief presentation of the story from Mike:

“The Hat Makers and the Heron Master” is a story about Karl Schulze, a simple man who suffers through his family’s murder at the outset of Florida’s last Seminole War and recedes from society into the embrace of the deadly marshlands. Searching to feel again, his heart connects with the wetlands’ wading birds. He appoints himself their protector against the onslaught of commercial hunters and development flooding the state during that period. Continue reading

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Cartoon for Aklasu Magazine

yogamanThis cartoon appears in the latest issue of the online culture and men’s fashion magazine Aklasu, for which I only created the cover illustration ( see previous post). The cartoon accompanies the following article aimed at convincing men of the benefits of yoga:


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Aklasu Magazine Cover

Check out the latest issue of the online culture and men’s fashion magazine Aklasu, featuring a cover image by yours truly:

Aklasu is also a purveyor of high quality handmade Italian neckties, bowties, ascots and pochettes, available for purchase at their online store:


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New Rimbaud T-shirt from Bareknuckle Poet!

Bareknuckle Poet has now put out a third t-shirt design featuring one of my drawings of Rimbaud. Why not collect them all?


As you can see, my drawing (from 10 years ago now!)  is closely based on two contemporary drawings of the boy wonder, by Félix Régamey and by Verlaine, filtered somewhat through the sensibility of Hergé (Tintin).

Find all three Rimbaud t-shirts here:

along with many other fabulous literary-themed t-shirts available from the Bareknuckle Poet here:

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Julian Peters Comics now on twitter!

Please follow me so that I don’t feel like a loser!

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